1985 - Jon Thompson moved with his parents at age 14 from Sebastopol to Argentina.  Saw full gamut of body of Christ and work together to reach the city.

1991 – Jon moved to Redding to attend Simpson College; hired as worship and youth pastor at Trinity Alliance Church

1996  – Jon meet with youth pastors who are meeting together,  becomes Youthnet.

2000 - 40 day P.U.S.H. (Pray Until Something Happens) 1200 students praying on campuses.

Nov.2003 - Harvest Evangelism conference in Argentina.
Saw a movement from city reaching to nation transformation.
Called into prayer/grace/bridge building kingdom movement.

December 2003 – Lyle Faudree confers on Jon the mantle to led the city effort; elders at Trinity Alliance affirm and release him into that calling with blessing  

May 2004  - Leadership Directory of the Church of Redding

June 29, 2004 - FIRST monthly Night of Worship Now, Enterprise High School

August 30, 2004 - Pastors dessert, Directory presented

September 30, 2004 - Incorporated as Redding Transformation

October 2, 2004 - Transformation Training, RCF 8-11am

October 23, 2004 - Evening of Worship, Redding Convention Center
WE saw 1200+ show up solely to worship Jesus!  24 salvations (God commands a blessing – even life evermore where He finds unity – Ps. 133), 200+ servants from 12 various fellowships, a 30 piece music team from 8 local fellowships, 4 children singing “Jesus Loves Me,” banner wavers and worship-art-painters on stage, intercessors scattered throughout the building and 1 smiling Father of us all.

January 10, 2005 - IRS  recognition 501(c)(3) exemption

April 21, 2005 - Community Leaders’ Lunch, Neighborhood Church of Redding

May 5-15, 2005           Operation Saturation (First week of prayer and action)
Thursday 5th - National Day of Prayer: noon at City Hall,   Prayer teams at the city gates
Friday 6th - Night Of Worship Cascade Theater                        
Saturday 7th  -Grace Task Units launch out in service projects all over the city.       
Sunday 8th - Mother’s Day: Life Light roses,  “City Transformation– Consecration,” TV Channel 26
Monday 9th - Prayer Tents all over the city; “City Transformation - Prodigals,” TV Channel 26
Tuesday 10th - Prayer Tents; “City Transformation– Reconciliation,” TV Channel 26
Wednesday 11th - Prayer Tents;  Business, education & government forum with Tod Bell       
Thursday 12th - Business Lunch WEST with Tod Bell, City Hall Community Room
TV broadcast: “City Transformation – God & Work,” Channel 26
Friday 13th - Business Lunch EAST with Tod Bell; DeMercurio’s Restaurant
Saturday 14th - Transformation Training, Neighborhood Church
Intercessory caravans: Motorcycle, run, walk, float, bike, fly, etc.,
Prayer launch off Sundial Bridge, worship in Civic Amphitheater
Sunday 15th - Global Day of Prayer & Celebration
International Festival & Celebration. Library Park, Testimony, worship, booths

September 2005         INUNDATE (1st)
Sun. 18th -Community Prayer Gathering at schools, “Lifting Up Our Schools” TV broadcast
Monday 19th - Prayer Tents; “Return Home”  TV broadcast
Tuesday 20th - Prayer Tents; “Modern Day Gideons on Campus” TV broadcast
Wednesday 21st  - Prayer Tents; Business Lunch at City Hall; Youth SYATP Night Simpson Univ. gym
Friday 23rd - Night of Worship Convention Center; 24 hourCreative Prayer;Prayer Flotilla
Saturday 24th - Arena Prayer; Transformation Training; Redding Convention Center; GraceFest on Conv. Center lawn - music, testimonies, prayer, food & more

Oct.14, 2005 - Night of Worship in Downtown Redding Mall

Oct. 17, 2005 - Monthly Workplace Transformation Lunched start at DeMercurios restaurant

Oct.31-Nov.1, 2005 - Prayer Tents

November 2005 - Jon attends Harvest Evangelism conference in Argentina

Nov. 28, 2005 - Dinner with Dad (Dave Thompson), Faith Christian Fellowship Annex

Dec. 2005 - moved into FCF annex office    


Jan. 20-21, 2006 - Marriage and Marketplace Seminar with Jack Serra, FCF Annex

Feb 25, 2006 - Leaders gathering at Simpson, president’s dining room
A breakthrough gathering of 25 key men and women of the region, including the Mayor of Redding, County sheriff, District Attorney, intercessory leaders, pastors, youth mobilizers, education officials, and businessmen.

March 2006
Second Marketplace Transformation Lunch starts at Pio Loco Restaurant

March 24, 2006   Night of Worship in Downtown Redding Mall

March 30, 2006   “Taking Off” Leaders’ Lunch, Air Shasta Hangar
Representatives from over 25 local fellowships, 16 ministry leaders, business, education and government leaders from throughout Shasta County gathered together beyond their comfort zones in an airplane hangar.  The nearly 200 in attendance listened intently as 10 different leaders shared their hearts for this region and for the Lord.

April 14, 2006 -  FRIDAY NIGHT at the CROSS , Redding Convention Center  
Close to 200 volunteers from 15 different fellowships helped pull it off behind the scenes.  The 1000+ in attendance were captured by the message of the last week of Christ’s life as displayed in drama, dance, sounds and song.  More than a dozen pastors came to stand together and pray for the workplace Christians.  

May 1-6, 2006
SATURATION II week of prayer and action
May 1-3  - Prayer Tents on the streets
May  1-2 - Prayer Art,  Mt. Shasta Mall center court
Wed. 3rd  - Youth night, Riverside, Amphitheatre
Thurs. 4th - National Day of Prayer - noon at City Hall / Pastors gathering afterwards
Fri. 5th - Night Of Worship-Cascade Theatre
Sat. 6th - GRACE IN MOTION launch.  Clean out EasyAc at the Cascade motel, Safari Trailer Park

May 16, 2006 -    Inside Scoop Leaders meeting, Simpson Dining Hall,
40 of us gathered at Simpson for ice cream and to share the testimonies of all God has done in the 7 weeks since the “Taking Off” lunch in the hangar. The presence of God was, again, very tangible in our midst.  

June 4, 2006 - GLOBAL DAY OF PRAYER  Library Park, worship, prayer, booths

June 11, 2006 - Jon goes full time RT

Aug.25, 2006
-The Connection,Auto Connection car lot, corner of Market and Shasta Streets
A downtown business, which is owned by a passionate, ministry-minded couple, hosted a “Block Party” unlike any other on August 25th.  The Body came together to share food, music and prayer with hundreds who gathered.  

August 29, 2006 - Moving Ahead community Leaders’ Luncheon, Neighborhood Church
120 community leaders came together to affirm that God is linking us in a spiritual assignment that will shake the region and nation.  Our new sheriff, Tom Bosenko, was present and welcomed prayer.  The mayor of Shasta Lake, Ray Siner, and the mayor of Anderson, Keith Webster, were present and we blessed them.   Redding’s mayor, Ken Murray, had a family emergency that morning and couldn’t come.

September 25- October 1       INUNDATE 06
A uniting Body of believers impacting our city with prayer and grace, focus on schools.
SUNDAY 24th -  Full page ad, Record Searchlight
MONDAY 25th -  Dedication gatherings/Prayer Walk, various campuses         
Intergenerational, interdenominational teams set foot on 8 campuses region-wide on Monday. 
TUESDAY 26th - Murray in the Morning radio show; lunchtime Christian Teachers Connection (DVD), various campuses
WEDNESDAY 27th -  SYATP – prayer at the pole; 7:00 pm Revolutionary Response 
Youth worship teams took up 10 positions arund town and joined in worship with older and younger as they lifted up Jesus’ name in parking lots and public places.  Later, they all joined as one at Simpson University at the cross for united time of worship.  The leadership team was comprised of young adults from five different local fellowships who all have a passion for seeing their city, their schools, and their families embrace the kingdom of God.
THURSDAY 28th - Prayer Tents                         
The body of Christ made itself available as close to 200 believers joined forces over a 3 day period on the streets of our region to pray.  All 9 locations had numerous divine encounters as God moved hearts to repentance, salvation and intercession. 
Pastors Prayer lunch – focus on schools, Shasta Co. Office of Education
FRIDAY  29th - Prayer Tents; Night of Worship at the David Marr Theatre
3 bands in worship, testimonies, and encouragement (DVD made)
SATURDAY 30th - Grace in Motion  - EasyAc Cascade Motel, Francis Ct., Safari Trailer Park
SUNDAY  1st -  Church in the parks (different churches hosted each)
The first day of October was a gorgeous fall day and those who went to library, South City, Lake Redding, or Enterprise park found the body of Christ worshiping there.  The sound of the word and the praise of the saints were carried beyond the gathering sites.        

November 3, 2006 – Night of Worship, Old City Hall
For the first time in that 100 year old building’s history, a gathering specifically to lift up the name of Jesus was being held and it was full of His presence.  We devoted ourselves to prayer (laying hands on the youth and children who were present, and praying for region-wide breakthroughs) shared our resources by taking an offering for a specific felt need, fellowshipped around the Throne and broke bread (cookies) together with glad and sincere hearts.  About 120 joined with us in the upper room.  

December 1, 2006 – Night of Worship, Old City Hall
Assembled before the Lord in this 100 year old building were marketplace and pulpit ministers as well as representatives from 5 area communities.  A formal declaration was read and signed (see enclosed) in a powerful moment of regional unity.  All I can say is that a truly significant piece of heavenly legislation was passed there that night.  We have shifted from “my church” to “my community,” from “my city” to “our region” and from what “I am doingto what “we are about together.” Geographic lines, denominational lines, even generational lines are being erased while a fresh love, a new understanding and dynamic unity is manifesting. 

December 2, 2006 - Lighted Christmas Parade, 2 floats with WeR1 Band
The next night we brought our joy to the streets, joining our community in the Lighted Christmas Parade.  The WeR1 Band sang Jesus’ praise throughout downtown Redding, telling thousands the good news of God’s perfect gift.  One of the two floats we entered won first place, which is exactly the place Jesus deserves in this, HIS city!

December 3, 2006 – WeR1 Band plays at Culture of Life gathering

Dec. 13, 2006 – Monthly business lunches move into businesses: Guadalajara Store


Jan. 17, 2007              Bus. lunch at Auto Connection
We gathered in the show room of Auto Connection downtown for yet another amazing business lunch.  You know what?  The Holy Spirit comes to those lunches!  We heard how God changed the life of one of their employees and talked openly about business struggles before praying for one another.  Great koinonia and wonderful foods were enjoyed by all.  

Feb. 21, 2007 Business Lunch at Datawise
Many new friendships are starting as our business lunches grow.  Deanna Gallagher, owner of Datawise, shared this month.  “PERSEVERE,” was her word!  You could see everyone just drinking it in.  These lunches are loaded with heart.  One man invited others by saying, secular business networks are often all about what YOU can get out of it; transformation is focused on what we can GIVE to one another.  He’s right!

Feb. 2007 - A NEW Pastor’s prayer time for the city started this month with 8 pastors.  Brian Nickens, a pastor/businessman, is leading this new network which is tied in with (but not lead by) Redding Transformation.   March 15th is our next one.

Feb. 2007 - Roy Meade, comes on staff focusing on Grace in Motion 

March 21, 2007 Bus. Lunch at CalTrans
Eric Hess, our new marketplace team leader, did an excellent job leading the meeting.  It is very evident that the faithful prayers of Derek Willis and the CalTrans crew have caused a significant breakthrough. They are preparing the way of the Lord, building HIM a Highway!

March 25-May 3, 2007 - 40 Days of Grace
March 25th - 40 Days Launch, Redding Christian Fellowship
March. 31st – Grace in Motion                                                                 
24 people from 7 fellowships took on 4 jobs in our community.  A campus, a family/home, and 2 local ministries were assisted.  It was great to see brothers and sisters in Christ co-labor to extend the gospel.  The cared-for person on one project gladly received prayer and told us he’d like to mobilize with us the next time, or just hang out with us more!
April 8th -  (Easter) worship at the Sundial Bridge Amphitheatre             
April 13-14  Marketplace Ministry Conference with Dave Thompson, Allen Cardines, and …. Redding Convention Center
April 20th  - WeR1 Band plays on Kool April.Nites cruise route, Christian Supply Parking Lot
A total of 17 prayer tents were up this season.  Hellen Meade coordinated the effort from Redding to Anderson, Shasta Lake City to Shingletown, Whitmore to Weaverville and everywhere in between. Seems like everyone is getting into the act to “see to it that no one misses the grace of God.”  In just 3 short days, we had scores of Divine appointments as more than 80 intercessors ministered to over 500 people who voluntarily stopped in for prayer.   Our WeR1 band lifted up Jesus’ name near the Sundial Bridge on Easter and again at the Kool April Nights cruise.
May 3rd  - National Day of Prayer, noon, City Hall
May 5th  - Dedicate Downtown – Live worship music at 3 locations, food, drama, prayer walk, kids activities all afternoon.

May 2007 – moved into State Farm office
We moved our office from the Faith Christian Fellowship facility to a furnished office in Scott Schumacher’s State Farm complex.  Compass Home Care opened up storage space for us so we now find ourselves operating from a marketplace platform!

May 16, 2007-  Business Transformation Lunch, at National University.  

May 27, 2007 -  Grace Awakening Anderson River Park
Over 300 people gathered on May 27 to enjoy an afternoon of praise and testimony.  What an amazing time of seeing generations, denominations and regions unite under the banner of Christ and share an afternoon together as a family.  Seeing the I-5 communities unite to hear what God is doing in one another’s cities was a first.  It’s probably also the first time that a hip-hop band and a brass band shared the same venue!  

June 2007 - COMeUNITY Prayer starts, every Monday 7 am Mt. Shasta Mall Food Court

June 9-10, 2007 – WeR1 Band plays Redding Convention Center as Refiner’s Fire welcomes ministers from Kenya to Redding

June 14, 2007 -  WeR1 band plays at the Shasta District Fair on the Pepsi stage.

July 4, 2007 -  WeR1 Bands plays at Freedom Fest,  Redding Convention grounds mainstage!

June 20, 2007 - Business Lunch, Village Schoolhouse Toystore, Eric

Aug. 16, 2007 - Transformation 201 starts
Our quest to go deeper into definition, relationship and implementation brought about the recent launch of our Transformation 201 monthly gathering.  This gives us a chance to expose those who have seen a part of what we do to the overall vision.  

Sept. 11-13, 2007
– Regional Prayer tents

September 19, 2007 – Bus. Lunch, Angelos Pizza, downtown Redding

October 2007 - Happy/Healthy card developed and printed

Oct. 11 &Nov. 8, 2007 – Hosted Pastors Prayer Lunch at Redding First Nazarene Church

Oct. 25, 2007-  Civic Leaders Lunch, Library Community Room

Oct. 30-Nov. 1, 2007 - Prayer tents

November 2, 2007 – Night of Worship, Mt. View Middle School

Nov. 3, 2007 - Shasta Co. Contractors for Christ (SSCFC) dinner, Shasta Builders Exchange

Nov. 10, 2007 - monthly Grace in Motion service teams
We replaced some rotten fences with help that bridged denominational and generational lines and delivered firewood to the daughter of the man who received Jesus last month through the Grace-in-Motion work day.  She was blessed and we were able to share the gospel with her partner. They welcomed prayer and the door remains wide open there!  

Nov. 15, 2007 - Community Leaders Lunch, Community Room, Shasta Co. Library
35 representatives of media, business, law enforcement, medical, governmental, educational, pastoral, and intercessory leaders and networkers gathered.  

December 2, 2007 - Pastors prayer lunch
Pastor Mike Kerns and his team at Vineyard City church have taken it upon themselves to host the monthly pastoral prayer and luncheon starting in January   This is a HUGE answer to prayer for us and a necessary component to the overall picture of a healthy community transformation movement!   Every 1st Thursday at 11am the pastors will gather for prayer time at Yaks coffee shop, then share a meal there from 12 to 1pm. 

Dec. 14, 2007 - NIGHT OF WORSHIP in our local ‘state of the art’ Rescue Mission


Jan. 15, 2008 -Tracking with Transformation DVD and The Dining Car study guide complete.

Jan. 31, 2008 - Community Leaders Lunch at Shasta Builders’ Exchange
Sheriff Tom Bosenko spoke on the favor he is enjoying and his recent visit with President Bush regarding the county’s drug eradication progress.  Supervisor Les Baugh shared that God has positioned people in such a mind-blowing way AT THIS EXACT MOMENT, for a key purpose, and we all know what THAT is.  

Feb. 29, 2008 – Night of Worship and prayer, Bella Vista School
Our team was out in the small community Bella Vista on Feb. 29th facilitating a special night to bless a school campus that 3 churches have been separately loving over the past few years.  12 fellowships were represented, 130 were fed a tasty tri-tip dinner and most stayed to prayerwalk the campus and raise their voices in a time of praise and worship led by our WeR1 Band.

Feb. 2008  - Jon joined Youth Violence Prevention council
I met with the mayor of Redding, as well as some key pastors this month.  In the next 30 days, I will personally meet to share vision with 30 area leaders.  Many of the city and county authorities I’ve wanted to connect with are on the Youth Violence Prevention Council in our area (people like the chief of police, county superintendent of schools, former mayors, current city council members, etc.).  We have been praying to make a difference in the community.  Now, we are in touch with those who are tuned in to the health and vitality of the various sectors of the community.  Pray that we can truly serve them with God’s wisdom. 

Feb. 2008 - The Grid birthed

February 26, 2008 – filed DBA for WER1NET

Every Thursday 12-1pm, Redding Library, Prayer for the Region

April 11, 2008 - Alta Mesa School Assembly and Now
Our trumpet player, whose daytime ministry post is the 5th grade classroom on this campus, has been spreading God's grace there consistently for years.  He shared with his leaders how great the Bella Vista School night of worship and fundraiser went.  The administration quickly agreed that we come do a similar night of worship with the prayerwalk / dinner fundraiser, AND play 2 power-packed motivational assemblies to gear everyone up for STAR testing.

April 15, 2008 - First Track Record out, launching the GRID
The first edition of the TRACK RECORD, our new periodical documenting God at work in our community, is out.  Over 50 area churches gladly placed stacks in their foyers last weekend as did many businesses.  Nearly all 4000 FREE copies are out of our hands and on their way into people’s lives.  

April 18
- WeR1 Band plays at Dairy Queen during Kool April Nites Kruise

April 28, 2008 - LOT team forms
The owner at Dairy Queen (DQ), was looking for a venue for a safe place for youth to gather.  She had a real estate agent keep his eyes peeled, and still nothing came.  Then, she prayed.  The Lord answered, “Open your eyes to what I’ve given you.”  She looked out across her parking lot at work and realized, “Most the businesses here close at 5pm, why not use this parking lot and do it open air style?”   After WeR1 played out there on Kool April Nights, Kary shared her idea with me.  As I shared it with others, a team began to emerge.   4 youth nights in the parking lot of the Shasta Center complete with bands, DJ’s, 3 on 3 basketball, skate park, games and fun booths -  all put on by the local BODY working together!  

April 30, 2008 - NDOP evening at City Hall, WeR1 Band leads worship 

May 1-10, 2008           Saturate
May 1        National Day of Prayer,  12-1 City Hall
May2         Night of Worship, NCR Celebrate Recovery
May 6-8     Prayer Tents
May 10      Grace in Motion, single moms focus
May 10      5-9 pm, Downtown Celebration, DT mall outdoor plaza - Worship, food, PT, kids facepaint & balloons, Saturate testimonies, free prizes

May 31, 2008 - WeR1 Band plays at Relay for Life

June 20, 2008 - first LOT
500 area teens converged on the “LOT” this past weekend as 12 area ministries and 6 businesses worked as one to create a fun/safe/legitimate hang out for teens.  We had 3 air jumps, a full blown skate park with ramp and rails, 3-on-3 basketball and live bands on our new stage.  Kids were proud to come and hang out there.  I saw some even texting or calling friends to “get down here.”  The event had major credibility.  No fights, no drugs, no incidents to report except that God's presence was all over the place and the teens seemed to be at home with it that way! 

June 13, 2008 – WeR1 Band plays at Shasta District Fair, Pepsi Stage

July 15, 2008  - Summer Track Record delivered

July 18, 2008  LOT (smokiest day of the year!)
The July 18th LOT attracted over 350 people to experience a bit of heaven in our smoky valley.  Boarders For Christ showed up (traveling through from Texas to Washington) and shared Christ with everyone after an awesome skate demo.  The Shasta Center owners gave us use of a large locale in their shopping center and we used it as a ministry/hang out fun-room.  Ping pong, prayer/encouragement tents, music, board games and a few Wii’s made this air-conditioned room a HIT.  A Christian drum circle group showed up and waged some really cool warfare.  

August 2008 - 1net brochure completed
Over the past 4 years, a small core team of dedicated warriors have been working to build up a fresh expression of unity that leads to transformational efforts city wide.  We have operated as Redding Transformation, but in essence, all along we have been laying the groundwork for the WeR1net.  The brochure explains the 1net, inviting those with like hearts to join in.  This net will be wider than Redding and likely take in the whole Sacramento River watershed area north of our capitol.  By opening our umbrella wider, we can accommodate teammates who want to implement transformation in their communities.  This vision, which is now expanding and being affirmed, started small, caught on, and stayed solid.

August 15, 2008 - LOT way hot
Many first time visitors came to the August 15th LOT event in spite of the record breaking temperatures.  A bus arrived bringing in kids from a downtown hotel where many families live, a direct answer to Kary’s prayers.  

August 26, 2008  - Community Leaders’ Lunch, Library Community Room
Whenever you get the DA, the sheriff, the potential future police chief, head of probation, county CAO, the former undersheriff, 2 current city councilmen, a county supervisor and a retired superintendent of schools / youth violence prevention council coordinator and 30 other leaders from various local fields in one room to talk transformation, that’s a good sign.   Compelling testimony was shared, a context set and an invitation made to come together to build up 1net in this area.  

Aug. 31, 2008
  - Anderson Church in the Park, led by WeR1 band
Our band was blessed to be invited to lead the worship for Anderson’s annual Church in the Park this year.  Some 700 people were on hand and things went very smoothly.  

September 19, 2008 - Last LOT
The final LOT event attracted close to 500 people down at DQ.  We got a report of a dozen youth praying to receive Christ. 

Sept. 25, 2008 - Anderson transformation Launch  Lunch
After 50 months of developing Redding’s vision, Anderson CA has officially launched to partner together in the 1NET!  The presence of the Lord was strong as city leaders, business owners, pastors and others from that city received the call to link arms in action. 

Sept. 22, 2008 – Monthly Workplace Influencers’ Lunch at Round Table Pizza, Mt. Shasta Mall

Sept. 23, 24, 25, 2008 – Tracking with Transformation TV show on KGEC-TV, 8:30-9 pm

Sept. 23, 24, 25, 2008  – Prayer Tents, all day, all over the region
Seven prayer tents dotted the regional map with Shingletown, Shasta Lake, Weaverville, Anderson and Redding all working the streets together.  We even got a report of a local yard sale hoisting a prayer tent and seeing 20 people prayed for in a morning!

Sept. 26 , 2008 – Night of Worship and Prayer, Oasis Community School
One of the more broken campuses in our city became a praise zone that God inhabited on Sept. 26th.  We could truly felt the change as we flung the door to that school wide open to Jesus.  The WeR1 Band led worship and those gathered prayer walked the school.  Two teachers who are God’s agents there connected that evening and were prayed over.

Oct. 18, 2008 Light of Liberty Celebration, Redding Conv. Center
The WER1 band was invited to sing at the community fireworks event again this year.  Over 1000 were on hand and another thousand arrived as we sang about Christ and shared hope. Pleasantly surprised to see a Christian presence at a city event, many sang along and worshiped with us. 

Oct. 25
Stadiums of God: (PreCall prayer), Enterprise High
Our band joined some other amazing worship teams and intercession was lifted on behalf of our state and nation for 5 hours in a local stadium.  Christians came out to pray for the economy, the elections and the uprising of the CHURCH in this time.  

Nov. 14 - Anderson Arise – worship and prayer at the Cross Currents Youth Center.

December 5-7 Vision casting trip to Etna
Our family traveled up to Etna this month to share our heart and vision for transformation at the request of Pastor Drew Travis and the Scott Valley Berean Church. They received the message warmly and loved on us for a whole weekend. One couple shared, "We have heard a word concerning Redding and northern California.  Redding is to be an epicenter, but the total ‘zone' will spread out 78 miles from there. As the crow flies, Etna is 78 miles!"  

December 12 The WeR1 Band plays at the Rescue Mission Night of Worship


"Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide... Do not hold back, lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes... Your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities… For you will spread out to the right and to the left.. Do not be afraid; you will not suffer shame... Do not fear disgrace; you will not be humiliated."  "  Isa 54:2-4

January 14 Safety Net meeting
Safetynet is a community-focused initiative that will connect many of the present needs with the variety of giftings and resources within the Church.  The Women’s Refuge needs a reliable conduit of safe homes for battered women (and their children) who are transitioning from danger and pain toward hope and life.  Additionally, our local Probation Department has asked if we can shore up their exit strategy for Juvenile Hall with capable mentors who understand at-risk teens.  Our law enforcement is facing cutbacks, and the uncertain times are creating more hardships which could translate into rising crime stats. So SafetyNet will deal not only with the Women’s Refuge and Juvenile Hall needs, but also feature a “MyWatch” element, reminiscent of the neighborhood watch system, but proactively carried forward by people of prayer who are aligned to the vision of transformation.

January 15 Track Record distributed with input from Chico to Etna and Weaverville to Whitmore),

January 20 Workplace Influencers’ Lunch – Michael Schmalljohan of Mercy’s Wing, Inc.

January 23 Presentation to Bethel School of Transformation
48 ministry leaders from the UK, Singapore, Switzerland, France, and USA cities in Oregon, Minnesota and California as part of their Phase 3 School of Transformation .

January 30 Anderson Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast
The Chief of Police, City Manager, City Council members, chamber of commerce director, county supervisor, business owners and over a dozen local pastors responded to the invitation. All were exceptionally open to the message and vision of transformation we laid out. Their police chief voiced his concern that reportable crimes could increase this year into the double digits. DeAnna thanked him for sharing and immediately applied prayer to this fear (felt need). The Church can play a major role in curbing crime and working for the safety of the community once envisioned and commissioned.

Feb.5- March 19 LYNK – Love Your Neighbor Kingdomstyle
Our observation is that strong, established congregations exist in many places, and if God was into changing cities through one fellowship operating autonomously, it would’ve happened by now. The missing link in most communities is the relational connect between the Body, the oneness of a shared vision to touch the city with love, and a way to intentionally marry those realities into an implementation strategy.  LYNK will allow some our best local voices to deposit what they carry into entrepreneurial agents of change so they can successfully reach their area and bring others along in the process.  

February 5 LYNK – Danny Silk, Family Pastor, Bethel Church

February 12 LYNK – Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church

February 17 Workplace Influencers’ Lunch, Melissa Hunt, Anderson City Councilwoman

February 19 LYNK – Rick Caldwell, Sr., Director, Youth for Christ, Little Country Church

February 26 LYNK – Nathan Edwardson, Lead Pastor, The Stirring

March 5 LYNK – Bill Randall, Senior Pastor, Risen King Community Church

March 11 Project 18 mentor training: Meaghan Lokteff, Beyond Consequences

March 12 LYNK – Mike Kerns, Senior Pastor, The Vineyard and Chris Overstreet, Outreach Pastor, Bethel Church

March 19 LYNK – Bill Griffin, Theology Professor, Simpson University

March 28 Grace in Motion
A “total house makeover” for a team-mate’s co-worker who is undergoing chemo treatments. We joined with their other co-workers to get the house ready for the donated furnishings. A week later, the family moved, totally blessed and overwhelmed by the love shown by strangers.

March 31 Community Leaders’ Lunch - SafetyNet Launch
Over 80 community-loving leaders gathered at our luncheon on March 31 to see SafetyNet launch.  The presence of God was strong and so was the response!  Seven team members shared three desperate areas that need to be targeted on the way to seeing this city better mirror heaven's reality: 1) Safe Transition secondary homes for battered/abused mothers and children.  2) Project 18 for mentoring at-risk, post Juvenile Hall youth, and 3) My Watch which will amp up the neighborhood watch system.  Each of these initiatives will place readied Christians in a role of influencing society, healing broken hearts and engaging in practical transformation immediately

April 11 WeR1 Band plays at the community Egg Drop at Simpson University
Look, in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane no, it's a ¿helicopter full of 10,000 eggs! Our WeR1 band was invited by Bridge Community church, who organized the Easter egg drop, to play at this HUGE community event. Over 2500 bodies converged on the Simpson drop-zone. The peace and presence of God was very noticeable (until the eggs dropped and pandemonium broke out).

April 13 Awarded Public Health $10,000 Grant to start up SafetyNet
We learned mid-month that we had been awarded the grant for the start up of SafetyNet - Praise the Lord! We want to bring the love and service of the King to the city, and the powers that be are wanting to grease the wheels. How fulfilling to officially partner in a tactical way with established community agencies. Our initial meeting with the grant oversight group felt like we're all on the same team.

April 14 Spring Track Record distributed

April 15 GIM Women’s Refuge unloading and assembling beds

April 19 Jon speaks at Chico Neighborhood Church
Turtles, Domes, Destiny and the Kingdom - That's what I shared with Neighborhood Church in Chico. John Freeborn came with me and we had a wonderful time and a great response! That church is carrying a passion for the supernatural and vision for transforming the city of Chico.

April 20 Jon speaks at Redding homeless Coalition of Concern
Jon presented SafetyNet to 25 key leaders in the social service arena at City Hall.

April 23 LYNK reunited. WeR1 Band leads worship.

May 9 Anderson “Ready, Set, Go”
Starting with training on Transformational Mindsets, then lunch, prayer walking, street ministry, and a concert with free food.  The Bruce Street neighborhood was being saturated with prayer and grace! DeAnna Gallagher, who headed up the effort, writes,  “The music and aroma of BBQ hot dogs drew the folks in, and several commented on the peaceful atmosphere.  Police Chief, Dale Webb, arrived in his really-cool police car with the flame job and hydraulics.  Later, he even made a call to get a fire truck so the children could check it out…This has been a wonderful start, but we want to weave ourselves together, allowing God to show us how to connect strategically, pool our resources, encourage our business people and those working in government and schools.  As we come together around the common cause of Jesus Christ, God blesses in a greater way!”

May 19 Project Homeless Connect, Redding Convention Center
This month the WeR1 Band played and we hosted a prayer tent, which was staffed by about 20 friends over 6 hours that day.  Many were touched there. At one point over 8 Christians from a variety of fellowships were all embraced in prayer just being juiced in the presence of God.  Shocking, you say?  Not at all!  Normal life in this town.

May 21 Community Organizers’ Workshop
Robert Wigington & Karen Shuster attended this all day workshop put on by Public Health, gleaning valuable insights as well as connecting with over 100 others who want to see the best for our region.

May 29 1st MyWatch neighborhood meeting, Alta Mesa School cafeteria

May 30 WeR1 Band plays at Relay for Life, Shasta College track
Relay for Life cancer walk provided our WeR1 band a golden opportunity to share Christ through music for 2 hours amid a crowd of 2000 or more.  

June 9 Project 18 mentor training, with a team of practitioners

June 10-Aug. 12 Netsound provides sound for Anderson’s Mosquito Serenade, summer concert series.

June 14 Jon speaks in Hayfork
Hayfork, CA invited me to share vision and implementation with them this month, so up into the mountains I went.  I was blessed to see almost 30 folks from a variety of local fellowships there. Pray for Hayfork, Weaverville and the hill country to our west as they rally the Church there to do the 5 components and deliberately engage new paradigms for Kingdom work.

June 22 Start production of SafetyNet promo video

June 24 Website make-over with Tyler Shuster and John Freeborn

June 26 The LOT, Shasta Center
In order to win the streets, one must be IN the streets!  So, with peace, we entered the hot zone.  The night went well with over 300 youth stopping in. Skate park, basketball, jump/joust house, live music and the fire department hosing down the overheated all made for a fun hang out!  Gen 14, our rapper buddies, ministered and almost 20 folks asked for follow-up, prayed to receive Christ or indicated they needed/received healing that night - right in the street.  Just another Friday night in a town where the Church rallies together around a vision!  

June 27 Grace in Motion
A significant Grace in Motion workday, significant due to the property involved and its contested future.   80K cars pass by this site everyday as they enter or exit Redding on Highway 44. The Christian man who bought the property some 30 years ago had a God vision in his heart for the place, but for 15 years now, the property has been vacant and unkempt… We want to see God’s purposes prevail here.  Our work day was timely, and our prayers too.  God used it more than we know.

July 3 WeR1 Band plays for 2 hours at Anderson’s pre-fireworks show

July 4th WeR1Band plays at Redding Convention Center, Freedom Festival

July 17 Summer 09 Track Record distributed

July 19 My Watch Kick Off party, Alta Mesa Park
MyWatch kicked off in Robert Wigington's home neighborhood of Alta Mesa, drawing a crowd of almost 60 people on a 106 degree day!  More Want to start your own MyWatch neighborhood?   Contact us.  It's fun and opens the way for followers of Jesus to influence and disciple whole neighborhoods.

July 24 The LOT, youth activity night

August 4 MyWatch Alta Mesa, National Night Out
Another successful neighborhood event on National Night Out, complete with a big screen movie night out on the baseball field. The city helped as close to 100 folks came out. People loved it and are now clamoring for the next happening! Adults are now asking Rob what drives him. It's led to great discussions and openness for good news!

August 7 100 SafetyNet promotional DVDs produced, and 300 of each of 3 brochures: Safetynet, My Watch, and Project 18

August 15 South County Transformation “Looking Cool for School” shopping day, Anderson Walmart

August 28 The LOT finale
This last one was spectacular: skate park, basketball, dance offs, music, jumphouse, climbing wall and a dunk tank. Unfortunately, a youngster broke his foot and some minor skirmishes outside the LOT boundaries put a slight damper on this event, but around 500 youth were noticeably enjoying the night. Our city mayor, district attorney, chief of police, deputy marshal and Simpson president all showed up to support the event and be in the dunk tank!

September 1 Compass Care Services partners with Redding Transformation
Joanne McCarley, a long time friend and co-laborer, is joining us as she brings her branch of Compass Care Services underneath our umbrella. Joanne sees the elder care and social services systems as transformable and wants to bring Christ into the middle of it via a non-profit approach. Prayerful discussions have permeated the 2 month process and God has granted peace to our board of directors. Joanne and her team will continue to run the company and we will encourage the church in the region to create community-based solutions via Compass for needy seniors who may be falling through the cracks.

September 10 Project 18 mentoring training: Brian Richart, Chief of Probation

September 20-26 Week of Prayer
Sunday - Prayer and praise Kick Off at the Sundial Amphitheater
Tues, Wed. Thurs, - Prayer Tents all over the region
Wed. night – SYATP, youth united worship at freeway flagpole
Natalia did an incredible job coordinating 5 tents in this city and 5 more in neighboring communities. John Freeborn led two outdoor praise times in public places - one by the Sundial Bridge and the other by our huge flag pole near the freeway. Hayfork had 7 fellowships successfully participate in the tents plus a praise service on the Friday night of that week. Shasta Lake had a tent on their main boulevard, and we met a new church plant there whose leaders share our heartbeat for their community. Whitmore and Shingletown both had a prayer tent up in spite of set-backs. God worked through this ministry of presence.

September 30 1st Christian Non-profit coalition lunch, Redding First Church
Ann, from Carenet, proposed that these faithful groups, who are already transforming the community, needed to come together to share info, develop relationship and pray for each other. We agreed! So we helped convene a group of laborers. 28 people showed up!

October 1 Regional Pastor’s Lunch & Love Revolution evening with Gaylord Enns
Gaylord Enns from Chico, spoke on the Command of Christ. His book, Love Revolution, is worth picking up. 38 pastors came out for the lunch and another group of saints heard him that evening.

October 10 Pastor’s Wives Tea
Natalia hosted pastor's wives in the Redding Library Community Room. Mary Anderson helped lead and a terrific team of women shared the load of prep work.  Ten pastor’s wives showed up, and many more wanted to.  Those who came had a blast and want to stay connected.

October 6-27 LYNK 2
For 4 Tuesdays, we hosted 40 for a training and equipping time.  3 local pastors and a panel of practitioners shared how to impact a community.  Jon emceed and added in various pointers, paradigms and practical tips on transformation.  The net result is that more people are dreaming and dialoguing with God about influencing the local scene.  

October 6 LYNK – Nathan Edwardson, Lead Pastor, The Stirring

October 13 LYNK – Stephen Campbell, Senior Pastor Redding First Church of the Nazarene

October 15 Track Record distributed
The paper is encouraging, fun, informative and carries elements of challenge and paradigm shifting power.  The opening story is how Christians are responding proactively to the promptings of God as they read the local news.  Hayfork compiled a wonderful article which captures the heartbeat of the Father manifesting in His people stationed on the hill.  The centerpiece is about how local congregations are creatively reaching beyond their walls.

October 20 LYNK – Practioner’s Panel

October 22 Project 18 mentor training with Aaron Hayes, Pioneer High School

October 27 LYNK – Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture, Bethel Church

October 31 Grace in Motion
We were able to mobilize a small but powerful Grace in Motion team on short notice to help a family who has been evicted from their home, not being able to keep up with payments because of the slow economy and medical problems.  Perhaps even more than the physical work we did was the encouragement we brought, just knowing there are people who will set aside their own lives to help them carry their burden. 

November 3 Presentation to Redding Christian Singles

November 5 Project 18 Kick Off
Over a dozen youths and 20 mentors present.  Balloons, food and lots of interaction drew such a positive response from kids and parents alike that we plan to make monthly parties a staple of the Project 18 family.  

November 12 SafetyNet Orientation, Redding Library Community Room

November 13 SCT Community Leaders Prayer Breakfast
If you recall, toward the end of January 2009, South County Transformation hosted a prayer breakfast with 40 top Anderson leaders.  The police chief spoke out his concern that crime rates could exceed 20% in the face of economic downturn this year.  Deanna prayed right then and there for a miracle.   This month, the chief proudly announced to the 50 or so gathered at the 2nd prayer breakfast that crime had dropped 13% in Anderson, while Redding enjoyed a 0% increase.  What a miracle!

November 15 Jon presents SafetyNet at Redding First Church of the Nazarene

November 19 Project 18 mentor-mentee party at Dairy Queen

November 24 1st Champions meeting, downtown YAKS
These are people who are passionate about seeing the Kingdom of God increase here, who have  implemented past assignments gaining credibility, favor and wisdom and are likely incubating another dream or two from the Lord. With some alignment, support, teamwork and encouragement, new solutions could come about more quickly.    Leaders from government circles, educators, non-profit heads, business owners (many of whom are teammates of ours already) and implementers were present.  Helping these and others bring to fruition the dreams God is placing on their hearts for this community is a way forward indeed!  Connect this championing-dreams key (action) with the fatherhood key (approach) and you have one awesome set of Master Keys to unlock some burley gates!  

December 3 Project 18 mentors start visits to Juvenile Hall

December 5 SCT ACCA support team meets

December 10 Project 18 Christmas party with mentees

December 12 Connecting Point Night of Worship
It was a great time of connecting with others who are aflame for the city and region.  One major highlight of the evening was watching the youth get blessed. After a great time of singing, we invited those 20 and under to stand up front and let the adults present "single them out for a word of blessing."

December 15 Christian Non-Profit coalition brown bag lunch


January Compass Care Services moves to Churn Creek office.
Garage converted to office for WeR1net/Redding Transformation.

January 15 Track Record out

January 19 Christian Non-Profit lunch at Redding Library

January 29 My Watch meeting

January 30 Grace in Motion
God blessed us by giving us a semi-dry day for hedge trimming and yard work. We were able to bless a single, disabled mother and her little daughter that needed God to show up in a tangible way - and we got to pray for healing for her neighbor!

February Moved in to our office space with Compass Care Services.
The Lord dazzled us with His provision in every detail. Tables, chairs, desks, a computer (thanks Restoration Enterprises), a copier (thanks Compass Care Services), plus four delightful volunteers have descended upon us:

Dona has been helping out with the bookkeeping for several months, working out of her home as we've ferried things between us. We're both thrilled to have it all in one place now!

Emily is part of the Project 18 team who has taken on the bulk of the paperwork involved. She's done an awesome job organizing the papers and putting order into this newly formed program.

Hannah wants to learn by doing, and has helped immensely with the Destination Points part of Project 18.

Tristen also has helped with pieces of Project 18, the Track Record, and organizing the files in the new office.

February 6 Connecting Point Night of Worship at Hub City Bible Church

February23 Christian Non-Profit lunch at Redding First Nazarene

February The County of Shasta signed a service agreement to help us offset some of the costs we incur overseeing Project 18.

March 2-5 Jon speaks at Simpson Ministry Practicum classes all week.

March 16 Christian Non-Profit lunch at CareNet

March 18 Mentor Training at Destiny Fellowship
Rosanna Gowan shared about listening skills and Jon gave an overview of the 40 Developmental Assets.

March 23 Youth Research Project Meeting
We launched a research team to find out who's doing what, and where unmet felt needs are in the County.

March 27 Grace in Motion
We helped a widow clean up her 5 acre horse property, mowing, pruning, burning, and cleaning. We connected through Compass to a new group of people through the Disney efforts to encourage volunteering.

March 30 Champions meeting at Datawise

April 10 Night of Worship & Prayer at Hub City on Larkspur
The Night of Worship and prayer was followed by a tour of the bar turning youth center. The vision and united prayer was refreshing and powerful. As we circled up to pray together near the stage, we heard excited, shrieking teenage voices checking the place out. They didn't know we were praying because they were out by the front door. As they came in and saw us praying, they joined the circle. One teen spoke from the overflow of his heart: "God.... I just want to say that this place is freakin' awesome.... perfect for us teens....yeah...!"

April 12 Church Secretaries Lunch at Redding Christian Fellowship

April 13 Christian Non-Profit lunch at Redding Library

April 15 Track Record out

April 15 Project 18 party at Lake Redding Park
We enjoyed some hilarious games and heard from Mr. Brown, our speaker and newest mentor

April 21 Attend Health Equity Summit at Gaia Hotel

April 22 MyWatch informational meeting, Redding Library

April 24 Grace in Motion
Scott and Barbara led a the team to help a single mother on the 7 acres she has to keep up.  They mowed, whacked weeds, sprayed Round-up, trimmed bushes, burned brush, bucked up and stacked wood in her barn readying her for next winter. 

April 26 Pastors’ Wives at Downtown Yaks
Natalia and a team of wonderful ladies pulled off an amazing night for Senior Pastors’ Wives.  Over 20 leading ladies came together, shared stories, laughed and connected hearts on a whole new level.

April 29 Mentor Training at Redding Library with Sandy Wilson on ACEs.

April 27 Sent grant application to Federal OJJDP
Applied for a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention for 3 year $625K grant.

May 3-6 Prayer tents
In Shingletown and Shasta College among other places.

May 15 MyWatch neighborhood meeting, Camino Court

May 22 Jobs for Life Graduation, South County Transformation

May 27 Mentor Training at the Redding Library
Sandy Wilson spoke on brain development and resiliency issues. Before she spoke, a young man who had just gotten out of Juvenile Hall shared candidly about his life. His comments were poignant and eye opening!

May 29 Supported HeART fest, Library Park, downtown Redding

June Pastors’ Wives connection
Dona Schaller opened her backyard oasis pool setting for a great time of refreshment and laughter.

June 2 Mentor Orientation filming for website

June 3 Champions meet at City Hall, renamed Thrive

June 16 Fair Parking fundraiser

June 22 Research effort enters second phase
We have decided to focus this phase on youth: what's currently being offered, what's effective, and where the gaps are. Sometimes we say we "love our city" when really we just love the idea of our city - the theoretical city instead of the real city that's out there. This will help us take the current temperature of where we're at with our youth in this community, versus where we think we're at.

June 30 Attend Reducing Recidivism seminar at Holiday Inn

July 1 Track Record out

July 4 WeR1 Band plays at 4th of July Freedom Festival
Our band was able to share for 30 minutes! The city was receptive and organizers pleased with our message of hope through song at this major event they host each year.

July 28 Grace in Motion with youth group cleaning up The Crossing Youth Center

July 29 THRIVE: a fresh approach of Kingdom networking
Two social entrepreneurs shared with this dynamic group of leaders this month. THRIVE, under the leadership of RT, connects well-resourced, solution-focused leaders to purposefully affect change through supportive partnerships, in order to create “A place where dreams are nurtured, producing a harvest of prosperity for the community, sowing hope to the world.”

August 7 Looking Cool for School, South County Transformation
Volunteers took 78 children shopping for back to school clothes.  These children will start school on the right foot, with self confidence and dignity.

August 12 Research surveyers’ training, Redding Library
Redding Transformation is in the middle of a research project to discover what available for youth in our area and what's needed. We started the survey of 600 Redding youth and interviews of 50 leaders. We all want to help the community; this survey will bring reality into focus and give us a sharper vision of what's needed and wanted. The relational bridges established through this survey will grease the wheels for action down the road.

August 23 Mentor Training Wright Educational services, anger management.

September Interviewing city leaders about youth needs

September Whitmore Prayer Walk
Over 20 showing up this month to bless the local school. “We formally invited Christ into the school through an evening of worship and prayer walking the campus. Jesus would often use touch with His healing. We used our physical presence to demonstrate our serious, heartfelt desire to see Christ glorified in Whitmore.”

September 18 Non-profit Day at Mt. Shasta Mall
We wanted to conduct surveys at the local mall where many youth hang out, but Mall policy does not allow surveys. BUT…"Each year, we open up the mall to non-profits for a day, so they can display and sell whatever they want." Our team of volunteers enjoyed talking to nearly 100 teens that day who gladly shared their thoughts.

Sept. 28 Stefani Schmidt & Rachel Kuhn launch “The Bridge” at Simpson Univ.
"The Bridge is for anyone who desires to see unity in the Body of Christ regardless of church background and to reach the local community for Christ through evangelism and service. We will be working directly with 2 off-campus groups, Shasta Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and Redding Transformation..."

October 2 Simpson Day of Service at the Crossing

October 5 Mentor Training at the Crossing
Donna Nachreiner, a veteran probation officer, talked about drug identification, gangs, and more as she helped our mentors develop “Street Smarts.”

October 7 Youth Survey Lunch at the Crossing
We hosted representatives from churches, nonprofit organizations, government, schools, and others interested in the youth of our community. We shared the findings of our youth survey and leader interviews. All groups were well represented and loved the information presented as well as the opportunity to connect with those who share the same concerns. In the week that followed, we were invited as a faith-based organization to a community forum on child abuse prevention and to a luncheon on teenage pregnancy.

October 7& 21 Spoke to Bethel School of Ministry to 100 students available to mentor

October 28 Final Track Record out

November 5 Youth Follow-up lunch at The Crossing
This lunch yielded three focus teams: one to research what's happening locally for teens and lay the groundwork for an effective dispersing of that information, a second team will work on the transportation need teens indicated, and a third team will identify teenage leaders in the area whom we can empower. All of us are excited about the multi-agency teamwork and possibilities. One agency person blurted out, "This is why we need YOU - to bring us all together!"

November 9 Met with Lyle Faudree and Terry Barnes.

November 9-13 Attended Harvest Evangelism Transform Our World conference
God spoke mightily to Natalia and I -as a couple- to lead as one . He also clarified a key spiritual-covering / sending issue that needed to be settled in order for blessings and authority to best flow in and through our lives and ministry. He also reminded us to dream regionally once again!

November 18 Mentor Matching Party, at the Crossing
Everyone had a great time playing games, eating pizza and listening to Mr. Brown speak.

December Received Shasta County Probation’s “Vision Award” for Project 18 mentoring

December 2 Youth Followup meeting, The Crossing

December 10 Supported CalSafe Christmas Party at The Crossing
Because these teens have trust issues with those they don't know, the staff invited us to attend their Christmas party as an initial step. The kids took a liking to us there, as did the teachers and staff.

December 11 Mentor Matching Party at the Crossing
About 9 more youth were matched with mentors, including 1 from the CalSafe program!

December 15 Barnes & Noble gift wrapping fundraiser